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Golden Retriever – The perfect family pet

If you are a dog lover and a movie bluff, you are least likely to have not watched ‘A Dog’s purpose’ already. It is that movie which has Dennis Quaid and Josh Gad in it. More importantly it has Bailey, a Golden Retriever whose entire life cycle and fictional after life is featured in the film. The movie should be a standing proof, how good of a family pet, a Retriever is. Still, we will follow it up with some technicalities, history and things to watch out for, when it comes to this breed.

The perfect family pet…

Golden Retriever is a strong contender for being the perfect family pet. There are some immediate valid points to support the argument. Retrievers are not amongst the annoying barker types. They don’t have bad breath. For dogs in that size range those points should come as a surprise. Their mouths are so soft that they can hold a couple of eggs without breaking it. You don’t have to worry about kids accidentally getting hurt around these dogs. They enjoy pleasant reception in most homes.

Brief history

Sir Dudley Marjoribanks, an avid hunter developed this breed in the 1860’s. Improvement in guns created a need for efficient retriever breeds, to assist in difficult terrains. Golden Retriever was developed as a breed that loves the water and retrieves objects. It was in 1925, this breed was officially registered by the American Kennel Club. The breed garnered massively popularity in the following decade. It became a household name in the west before 1930.


Retriever is an easy to train dog, owing to its obedience. It was the first ever obedience champion recognized by AKC. They love to do things for the owners. Retrieving is their thing. They can do that all day. It loves the attention that comes through performance. It’s your perfect Atta boy or girl, amongst the many dog breeds. It was originally breed to retrieve hunt from land and water. Fetch is a game, they are naturally accustomed to.

Physical appearance

It is almost a gentle giant. It can grow over 21” vertically and weight over 60 pounds easily. Its body features an undercoat and a water repellent outer coat. It’s the shades of golden cover that meets the eye. The newborns or puppies have a lighter golden shade. The golden shade grows thicker as it grows. The color on its ears will be a good indication of its color during adulthood. Needlessly to say, these are some of the cutest dogs in the planet.

Beware of the bite…

Make no mistake about Retriever’s bite. For fact, it loves to chew. Make sure you stack its habitat with plenty of chew toys. As a hunting breed, it lacks no aggression. However, these cute beasts seldom exhibit them. The most dangerous dog isn’t the Retriever, Rottweiler or Pit-bull. The real dangerous one is the dog that wasn’t raised right. Train your dog from day 1. Socialize it in early days to avoid its aggressive alert action with random strangers later.

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