Howard and Carol Falberg have been breeding and showing Golden Retrievers since 1971. We presently have 4 Golden Retrievers living at our home in Poway, California now: Ch. Westmont's Legend, Westmont's Shana, Am. Can. Ch. Eirene Westmont's April One, and Westmont's Melody.


Our daughter, Deborah Windahl, is our Maryland branch of Westmont. She is also breeding with the "Westmont" prefix. The goldens that live at her house are: Westmont's Charmander, Westmont's Candy May, Westmont's Chattie Cathy, Westmont's Malibu Barbie, and Westmont's Shania.


The West Branch Dogs:

Ch. Westmont's Legend
Westmont's Shana
Am. Can. Ch. Eirene Westmont's April One
Westmont's Melody


The East Branch Dogs:

Westmont's Charmander

Westmont's Candy May
Westmont's Chattie Cathy
Westmont's Malibu Barbie
Westmont's Shania